Spectrum Thunderbolt Storm Detector

Storm Safety Technology to carry with you anywhere 
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The ThunderBolt® Storm Detector is Storm Safety Technology to carry with you anywhere. Thunderstorms and deadly lightning can suddenly come out of nowhere, catching people off guard and unprepared. Sooner or later, everyone who works or plays outdoors will get caught in this predicament.

Fact is, when you hear thunder, you’re already in range of a lightning strike. With ThunderBolt, you will be warned to take shelter long before you’re in danger! NOT A WEATHER RADIO, ThunderBolt is a self-contained device that gathers data independently of any other weather source.


• 120 Km Storm Detection Range
• Real-Time Storm Detection Independent of Any Other Weather Source
• Calculates Approach Speed and Estimated Time of Arrival
• User-Selectable Alarm Settings
• Three Types of Warning:
• Text Screen, Audible Warning, Flashing LED Light

Truly, the “Science is in your hands.” Used and trusted worldwide, ThunderBolt technology is the Ultimate in Storm Detection.