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Sustainable Turf Renovations & Equipment

Sustainable Turf Renovations and Equipment specialise in all facets of Turf Construction, Turf Renovation and Turf Equipment enabling you to achieve the best possible results for your Turfed Surface.

Sustainable Turf Renovations and Equipment provides services for sports field and large areas and distributes a range of sustainable turf renovation equipment from Koro and Blec Landscaping Equipment.

Our specialised equipment can

* Recycle topsoil from with the existing profile
* Shave the thatch to a desired depth , great for replacing turf or removing thatch
* Relieve compaction and improve drainage

Our range of environmentally friendly equipment includes the Koro Fieldtopmaker, Koro Recycle Dresser, Koro Topdrainer, Blec Blecavators, Blec Seeders and Blec Groundbreakers as well as a huge range of other Blec Equipment.