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Environmentally friendly turf solutions 
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Millers Turf

* Millers Turf can supply turf to enable your members to not only enjoy playing golf on your golf course but to love it!

* Our turf solutions enable the turf to recover quickly in high traffic areas like tee boxes, whilst maintaining coverage in high shade areas and hopefully low traffic under trees.

* Millers only grows and supplies premium turf including environmentally friendly turf types that can handle brackish water, heavy wear and tear and still maintain a lush look and feel.

* Experienced and can recommend products including water crystals enabling water retention at the grass roots level for longer so that during dry spells the lawn does not suffer as much.

* Wide range of turf solutions including soil stability products to reduce land erosion around waterways including the new LOK Turf systems providing a true wow factor whilst enabling the surrounding environment to be cared for and not "washed down the drain".

* Fertiliser & Laying Service - Millers Turf Supplies supply only the best fertiliser to ensure that your new lawn stays healthy. Talk to us for advice on fertilisers suitable for your lawn, lawn care tips, as well as our laying service that is available.